Our offer

We offer:

1. Waterjet machines

We offer water-cutting machines, the so-called “abrajets”, for any budget in different configurations. We also offer systems with one cutting head and with multiple heads. You can purchase the standard size of the work bench, but we also perform individual orders. To get a precisely prepared order please feel free to contact us directly. We are waiting for your e-mail or phone call.

2. Garnet

The quality of the delivered mineral is a priority for us, and this is appreciated by our present customers all over the world. Our minerals are obtained from the best excavations in the world and they undergo rigorous quality controls. We offer a delivery to your company within 24 hours from the moment of performing the order. We sell garnet in 1 ton Big Bag, which is packed in additional bags of 25 kg or without additional bags. The use of our abrasive accelerates the cutting process and at the same time lowers the consumption of the raw material and reduces the failure rate of the operating parts of the waterjet machine. We also offer our help in the disposal of the used garnet regarding appropriate waste codes. We are waiting for your e-mail or phone order.

3. We offer mixing tubes.

If you are interested in getting a high quality “mixing tube” offer for your machine, please provide us with the following information:
– name of the waterjet machine,
– type of the head used in it,
– tube size according to the pattern given below.
We are waiting for your e-mail or phone call.

4. We offer high-quality high-pressure pipes: 3/8 inch and 1/4 inch

– 1/4 inch pipe
– 3/8 inch pipe
High-pressure pipes are sold in a 6 meters package. When ordering the whole 6 m package, the transportation is free. On request we can also offer thread drilling.
We are waiting for your e-mail or phone call.

5. We offer parts for high-pressure pumps provided by such companies as: OMAX, MAXIEM, FLOW, KMT, ACCUSTREM, HYPERTHERM, JET EDEGE, WSI.

When contacting us for an offer concerning parts, please provide their original catalogue number. In addition, we will be grateful for information about the machine model and the name and type of the pump. We are waiting for your e-mail or phone call.

6. High-pressure pumps: Hypertherm

We are an authorized distributor of the high-pressure pumps by the Hypertherm from USA. It is indisputably the world leader in every kind of cutting technologies. Hypertherm products are recognized for high quality of the performance and taking care about every detail of construction. We will help you to choose the right high-pressure pump from a whole range of models available. We are waiting for your e-mail or phone call.